Relaxing Massage Specialties

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Relaxing Massage
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SwedishDeep Tissue
A Circulatory massage wich A theraputic treatment that works deep tissue
reduces tension, soothes muscles to relieve muscle spasms and overuse due to stress,
and draws the body into a state of        work or athletic activities.
relaxation.      30 min. - $40
30 min. - $35  60 min. - $75
60 min. - $65  90 min. $110
90 min. - $95
Introductory Price for New Clients
$50 for a 1hr Massage

Hot StoneSports Therapy
This massage technique incorporates   Targets pain and injuries with a soothing massage
heated stones strategically placed        and assisted stretching while theraputic products
and used to relieve stress-filled    designed to restore the body's strength and
areas.    flexability are applied.
30 min. - $5530 min. - $45
60 min. - $100       60 min. - $80
90 min. - $150       90 min. - $120
Is a relaxing soft tissue massage which   30 min. - $40 
utilizes the power of sense and smell to  60 min. - $70
soothe, relax and energize the body and mind.        90 min. - $100
Essential oils are selected to meet individual 
30 min. - $40   Specials
60 min. - $70    10% off For Police and Fire Fighters
90 min. - $100  15% off Senior Citizens
15% for Active Duty Military
(Proof of Duty must be provided) 
Buy 5 Massages get 1 Free 
Benefits of a Massage
Massage can help to improve maintain overall health. It keeps the mind and body functioning optimally.
* Promotes well-nurished and healthy skin
*Improves circulation of blood and lymph
*Relaxes muscles and improves joint mobility
*Encourages general relaxation
*Improves immune system functioning
*Improves energy flow
Alleviate Problem Conditions
*General muscular tension and aches
*Tension headaches
*Muscular back pain
*Poor circulation
*Stress and anxiety
Supports Your Fitness Program
*Relieves tired or sore muscles
*Helps improve flexibility
*Relaxes tight muscles
*Speeds recovery from strenous physical exertion
Combats the Negative Effects of Aging
*Enhances tissue elasticity
*Promotes vibrant skin
Relieves the Effects of Stress
*Triggers the relaxation response
*Relaxes tense muscles
*Reduces anxiety
*Restores a calm mind and feeling of well-being
Special Cases
*For mothers-to-be during pregnancy
*For infants, especially premature of developmentally challeged babies
*For the disabled
*For the elderly
Compliments other Heath Care
*Physical and Occupational Therapy
Click here to add text.About Me

My name is Denise Bishop and I am Nationally Certified and licensed in both Connecticut and Florida.  I have been practicing Massage Therapy for 12 years.  I have continously attended Continuing Education Courses throughout the years to add to my knowledge and skills.

My goal is to provide a non-invasive, drug free solution to pain.  As well as to help cope with the stress cycle that developes in our lives and supplement with other treatments.  Such as, chitopractic or physical therapy.  

License #'s
MA 004923 --> CT
MA 44296 --> FL
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